Sendung 14.11.2021 []


Sonntag * 14.11.2021 * 14:00 – 16:30 Uhr
Kapitel XVIII meiner Sendung TRANSMITTER auf 674.FM.

Da TRANSMITTER an diesem Sonntag seine Volljährigkeit beging hatte er sich erlesene Gäste aus dem Dreiländereck eingeladen: JUNEBUG IN THE A JAR aus Aachen haben zwei Live Sets gespielt und hatten wundersam groovende Lieder für den Plattenteller mitgebracht

Cinder Well No Summer
Ela Orleans The Season
Ozan Ata Canani Alle Menschen dieser Erde
Machuca Cumbia Staying Alive
Aksak Maboul Dramuscule
Satin Wall Dans Les Profondeurs
Junebug In Jar Live Set I
Junebug In A Jar War and Love (Kochen)
Junebug In A Jar Shelter (Kochen)
Junebug In A Jar Dylan Thomas (Conor Oberst / Phoebe Bridgers)
Bongwater Splash 1
Labi Siffre I Got The
Camille Yarbrough Take Yo Praise
Jaques Palminger & 440 Hz Trio Ganz normales Leben
Leslie Winer 5
Jay Glass Dubs Temple Dub
Manfred Krug Wenn's draußen grün wird
Bobby Oroza This Time
Junebug In A Jar Live Set II
Junebug In A Jar Everlast (Kochen)
Junebug In A Jar In The Dutch Mountains (The Nits)
Junebug In A Jar Anything Goes (Kochen
The Stone Roses Elisabeth My Dear
Ziúr Sister Lava
Buddy Collete Septet Japanes Suite
MrK Edits / The Zombies Time Of The Season
The Drums Pretty Cloud
Nine Circles What's There Left
Dorothy Softness
Courtney Barnett / Kurt Vile Can't Take It With You
The Go-Betweens Street Of Your Town
Annette Peacock Too Much In The Skies
Die Sterne Das bisschen besser (Bisserl Besser Mix)



Junebug In A Jar

Over the idiosyncratic guitar playing, the two absolute complementary voices carry us on an emotional wave from one extreme to the other! From passion to pain, from melancholy to love.

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