Abenteuer in der Nachbarschaft präsentieren: MAG [Göteburg] rabbitsyntezis terror noises! / +minty [Köln] syntdriven post-nowave-punk! * 25.03.2024 * 674FM Konzertraum

Montag, 25. März 2024
Beginn 20 Uhr
12 Euro Eintritt
674FM Konzertraum
Ubierring 13, 50678 Köln



MAG enchants the audience with her distorted punk trombone pop. Her second album En Fis I Rymden was released in december 2023 on the Gothenburg indie label Surplus Recordings.
The album manages to be powerfully personal yet privately political at the same time as we dance our way through the beats with our wagging tails
MAG is the soloprojekt of Magdalena Ågren and still a well-kept Gothenburg secret, who every now and then leaves the Swedish underworld and pops up at different alternative festivals and venues magnetizing Europe’s underground scene.
With her long tentacles forward and backward in time she enters the stage and performs demonically blaring megaphone vocals, seductively trombone melodies, drum machine slams, and rabbitsyntezis terror noises, creating a permissive world to marvel at.
The new album is entirely in Swedish and the title would literally be translated into “a fart in space” which is a Swedish idiom equivalent to “a drop in the ocean”.
Magdalena Ågren also currently plays in three other band projects, SORK and Trapped in a Loop and BADA (with Anna Hauswolff).


Bruset festival in Sweden 2022 Norpas festival in Finland 2022 Sajeta Festival in Slovenien 2021 Kalabalik festivalen in Sweden 2021 Sonic City Festival, Belgium, curated by Thurston Moore 2017

”one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen. You could call it cabaret wave. Just one solo performer with a trombone, samplers and a great voice. Think like Dresden Dolls meets Bikini Kill, produced by Thurston Moore.

Joost Heijthuijsen, Incuabte festival (from her show at AFTR fest in Oslo)

“ She opened for us in Malmo and I’m still scraping my jaw from the floor after dragging it all the way back to The Netherlands. Marvellous, hugely inventive…. words aren’t enough“

Edward Ka-Spel, Legendary Pink Dots

„The act who impressed us the most was MAG. Just like Ashley Paul she builds her music from layers. From trombone, with loops and sounds from several units. Songs about anarchist rabbits. Too crazy to imagine and it happened. You felt the music could take a different direction any moment. But the turn always opened a new exciting part of the trip. MAG was not less than THE discovery of Sonic City.“
(Review from her show at Sonic City Festival Curated by Thurston Moore)

Gozo Circus Magazine


März 2020, der erste Lockdown lähmt das Land. Manche Menschen legen sich ein Haustier zu, andere einen Beamer, Selena und Andreas gründen eine Band oder sowas ähnliches – „Minty, the Socially Distanced Two-Man Band“! Ein Projekt, zwei Haushalte, mehr geht nicht. Geprobt wird auf dem Sofa, erste Songs entstehen zwischen launigem Post Punk und launischem No Wave. Ist das Homecore? Covid Wave? Pandemic Pop? Egal, es wird am Käfig gerüttelt, da muss was raus. Minimalismus aus Mangel an Möglichkeiten, Musik als Ausweg.

Inzwischen ist aus dem Projekt die Band +minty (Eingeweihte sagen PLUSminty) entstanden, eine richtige Band – Gesang, Keyboard, zwei Gitarren und Schlagzeug. Als Quintett hat +minty seinen Radius verdoppelt, von Psychedelic über Bubblegum zu Hardcore dürfen jetzt auch andere Einflüsse mitspielen, der Sound hat zugelegt, die Transparenz ist geblieben. Man stelle sich vor, die frühen Sonic Youth hätten mit Beat Happening und den Television Personalities ein verschollenes Velvet Underground-Album vertont. Klingt dick aufgetragen, was soll’s, +minty müssen niemandem was beweisen …