Konzert | Ludwig Wittbrodt + Aeol | 22.07.2023 | Schmitz+Kunzt

Asi-mmet-ric productions unc. presents:


Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00
Eintritt: 10 Euro
Schmitz+Kunzt * Richard-Wagner-Str. 8 * 50674 Köln


The Duo Ludwig Wittbrodt, that‘s Emily Wittbrodt on cello and Edis Ludwig on laptop and drums. The two develop a thicket of sounds and melodies that absorbs us in a completely unpretentious way and fills us with associations and warmth. Sometimes in the jungle, sometimes under water in the desert, we are reminded of the achievements of both Krautrock and Neue Musik, of early electronic music as well as Drone and Ambient.
At first glance, Emily and Edis seem to be an unequal couple. She has an academic background as a cellist, he is self-taught with his main instrument being computer and programming. She is active in Free Jazz, he drums with the rock band Düsseldorf Düsterboys. On the other hand, both have been active in the Free Improv scene in the German Rhine-Ruhr region for years – for example in ensembles such as The Dorf or Hilde (Emily) and Nasssau or Transport (Edis).
After some concerts and a first tour now is the time for the release of the group‘s debut album. Ludwig Wittbrodt will be released on cassette (yes, on real music cassette) and of course digitally. These four tracks, which evolved from a mixture of improvisation and joint composing, show the musical communication between Edis and Emily, but also the fun of combining moods, styles and instruments, which, according to our dusty listening habits, are surprising and irritating in a pleasant way.




Aeol is a collaboration between the two musicians Jan Philipp and Jannis Carbotta from Cologne, Germany.
Aeol put a keen emphasis on hazey drone textures, grainy ambience and its spatial sensitivity. The finely selected mixture of the analogue and digital merge into a cloud of other-worldly sound sculptures. Airy layers of sonic material transmit deep and rich emotions of sometimes perception-altering mind states, still with a sense of beautiful and blissful nostalgia.


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